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Peace 3 : Yang Yoseob (BEAST)
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 • 10:20 2

Assalamualaikum and hi !

okay ! today i would like to share about Yang Yoseob from BEAST !
here are some of his pictures !

very very very CUTEEEEEE !

Name : 양요섭 (Yang Yoseob)

DOB: January 5, 1990

Role : Main Vocalist

Nickname: 양요 (YangYo), endorphins, siksin
Education: University of East Broadcasting Arts [absent for about 1 year]

Specialty: beat box, jalmeokgi

Height: 174cm

Weight: 57kg

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: Writing lyrics

Training: Trained under M-Boat

Specialty: Vocals

Info: He was AJ’s (Kikwang) high school friend ..

haha !

the CUTE Yoseob !

the way he looks , aaaaaaahh ! crazy of you !

okey then , until we meet again ,
Assalamualaikum and see ya !

p/s : the truth is , i'm a bit tired from doing this but , i'll try to do my best ! maybe i'll cut it to ten days only , i'll think about it . oh ! i'll maybe post something else other than this topic but that is just for my satisfication , i'm terribly sorry ! my english .. THE WORSE .

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