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Thursday, 30 June 2011 • 09:12 0

Assalamualaikum and hi !

Earlier this afternoon (happened already ^^) , my father went to my school to see the teacher ,
in Malaysia , it's a common thing , it's like Teacher-Parents Meeting Day , a bit like that , never mind ;)

my father wasn't angry but he advised me to improve my English , hehe :P

my class teacher was shocked to hear i was number 24 on the list , she said in Malay :
' kenapa banyak sangat nombor ? ' HAHA

but , it's just that i need to improve better and better ,
at the same time not forgetting my responsibility ,
that's why i wanna go to ESQ again .
i don't want to lose the important things in my life , that's why i want to go .

uh ! it's a bit complicated to explain , as i said before , if you find reading my blog is boring , go find other blogs to read , i don't mind ^^

but i really really REALLY want the ESQ Training Center to come visit my school ,
after typing this much , i feel a bit of embarrassment in myself for telling the WHOLE WORLD this awful story.

okey then , that's all , see you again !
assalamualaikum !